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Check out a day in the life in WorldTeach Namibia (above) or listen to our Namibia webinar and get the real story on teaching in Namibia from alumni and country directors. Experience the Southwest coast of Africa and join our 24 year old Namibia program, application deadline is October 15th, departure in late December 2016!

Join our ever popular Ecuador year long program, application deadline is October 15th, departure in mid February 2017!

¡Vamos a Colombia! Become a part of our WorldTeach Colombian community with teaching opportunities all across the country, application deadline is October 15th, departure in early January 2017.

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Rikaki in Majol: Teaching in the RMI

Taylor Lascko wasn’t sure what to expect when moving to the Marshall Islands, but anticipated enacting a lot of change. At the end of the year, she realized she was actually the one who changed, and she is now more patient and worries less. Finally, I learned to adopt the Marshallese phrase, “jab inepata”. This means, “don’t worry.” I started to realize that even the smallest things that I did impacted my students. Little things like giving someone a hug who was having a rough day or simply acknowledging a lonely student and talking to them or encouraging everyone to try hard even when they thought they could not do something.

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This is an experience that is going to change you in ways you didn't know possible.
- WorldTeach Volunteer, American Samoa

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In 1986, I went to Kenya as the first WorldTeach volunteer. My hope was to bridge the gap between what I studied and the realities of life in the field. That's what WorldTeach was and still is today, we give each and every volunteer teacher an opportunity to link theories with reality and find their own way of narrowing the development gap around the world.
- Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies at Harvard University, WorldTeach Founder and Board of Directors President

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