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Listen in to the latest WorldTeach Pacific Webinar from May 17th.  Hear stories and insight from our current country directors and alumni from the Pacific Island programs in American Samoa, Micronesia and The Marshall Islands.  Topics discussed included cultural assimilation, housing, teaching assignments, training, health, safety and much more. Application deadlines for our Pacific programs are June 16th with departures between mid July and early August.

Island Life is Calling, join us in the Pacific this summer

Experience the unspoiled Caribbean Amazon, join us in Guyana this summer

WorldTeach launches new website!


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Granny Rose’s Teaching Adventures in Chuuk, FSM

Now “Granny Rose” could do what she had always wanted to do, immerse herself in another culture. I could finally utilize the dual teaching certificates I have accumulated over the years and renewed in 2014. I am ready, willing, and able to go where the door opens. After applying for a volunteer teaching position with WorldTeach and a few changes along the way, I was sent in August 2015 to teach in Weno, Chuuk. Chuuk is a tropical island in the Caroline Islands with unique and challenging issues.

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This is an experience that is going to change you in ways you didn't know possible.
- WorldTeach Volunteer, American Samoa

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In 1986, I went to Kenya as the first WorldTeach volunteer. My hope was to bridge the gap between what I studied and the realities of life in the field. That's what WorldTeach was and still is today, we give each and every volunteer teacher an opportunity to link theories with reality and find their own way of narrowing the development gap around the world.
- Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies at Harvard University, WorldTeach Founder and Board of Directors President

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