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Apply by October 15th for our year-long Ecuador and Namibia programs, departure early 2017!

Join us on Tuesday, September 27 at 7:00pm EDT for “A WorldTeach Webinar Event: Discover Global Classrooms and Communities.” In this webinar we will speak with previous volunteers and current staff from our Ecuador and Namibia programs about teaching, training, housing, safety, cultural challenges, and many other topics. If you can’t make it on the 27th, don’t worry! A recording of the webinar will be sent to all registrants after the event. Click here to register for the webinar!

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Pathways to Promise

Before coming to Bangladesh as a WorldTeach volunteer, I had never spent much time in South Asia. While I had experienced brief trips to Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, they were more as a short-term traveller, ensconced in the comfortable scheduling of an observer passing through other peoples’ realities.

While I was quite comfortable in my role as a cultural exchange participant each time in Japan, I was pretty well insulated to a great degree from any kind of harsh realities…

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This is an experience that is going to change you in ways you didn't know possible.
- WorldTeach Volunteer, American Samoa

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In 1986, I went to Kenya as the first WorldTeach volunteer. My hope was to bridge the gap between what I studied and the realities of life in the field. That's what WorldTeach was and still is today, we give each and every volunteer teacher an opportunity to link theories with reality and find their own way of narrowing the development gap around the world.
- Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies at Harvard University, WorldTeach Founder and Board of Directors President

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