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A Year of Firsts

Posted by Nolan Sutker in China

By: Saskia Kroesen, WorldTeach China Volunteer My year in China has been a year full of firsts: my first year no longer a student, my first time moving to a foreign country alone, my first time living alone, my first time in Asia, my first time trying all sorts of delicious Chinese foods— the list goes on. But the first that stands out most is definitely my first time being a teacher. Sure, when I applied for a position with WorldTeach I was aware I would be teaching classes for the next year, and yes, during orientation while learning techniques on how to be a successful teacher I also knew that all of this was for a reason… but it…

7 Questions with Chris Hayden ’14-15 Marshall Islands

Posted by WTTech in Marshall Islands

(Chris Hayden’s original song, Steady) Remember that post about how talented WorldTeach volunteers? Well, we have another alumni to feature today–Chris Hayden, Marshall Islands 2014-2015. 7 QUESTIONS WITH CHRIS HAYDEN 1) Before we start, I just want to ask if photography is a hobby/profession of yours. I know you as sojourn. studios on instagram, aka the guy who posts beautiful instagram pictures. I love looking at them on the WorldTeach feed and I just want to know more about your work! C: Photography started off as a hobby. I went to school for architecture, and at the time my brother had a nice camera and I would borrow it for architectural stuff. From that, I met with photography-enthusiasts, who introduced…

Erika Utter Interview: Returning from American Samoa

Posted by WTTech in American Samoa

By: Shierly Mondianti In this week’s blogpost, I sat down with my fellow intern, Erika Utter, who is our Alumni Engagement intern. Erika recently returned from American Samoa, and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to interview her and share her experience on the blog. Check out the scoop below: (S: Shierly, E: Erika) S: Erika, tell me more about yourself—what were you doing before WorldTeach (WT), what made you decide to start with WT, and why American Samoa? E: I was working in Atlanta, GA at a doggie day care. A friend from college wrote a post about WorldTeach finding volunteers for American Samoa, and I was intrigued. S: Talk me through your day in American Samoa….

WorldTeach Got Talent—Jess Medeiros China’14

Posted by WTTech in China

by: Shierly Mondianti WorldTeach has attracted many budding singers, musicians, swimmers, divers, techies and builders, among others. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and their experiences and hobbies add value to the students they teach and the communities that they serve abroad. I will proudly say that our volunteer teachers are probably one of the most motivated, ambitious and talented people out there. You would think that after a long day of teaching that our volunteers would want to simply rest and relax in the comfort of their home. Well, not WorldTeach’s volunteers! Jess Medeiros (China’14), is a great example of someone who really immersed herself with the local culture. During her spare time in China, Jess would post YouTube…