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Top 5 Countries to Teach in During the Summer!

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Top 5 Countries to Teach in During the Summer! “Of all the books in the world, the best stories and lessons are found between the pages of a passport.” We still have teacher openings in each of the countries below. They’re going quick so make sure to get your application in by May 1st, 2016 via! 1. WorldTeach Namibia WorldTeach summer volunteers in Namibia gain valuable work experience abroad while forming meaningful relationships with both local Namibians and fellow volunteers. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, WorldTeach Namibia assists in implementing the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) national strategy. In addition to teaching basic computer skills, volunteers teach classes within a range of subjects, all taught in English. Click…

“It’s a good thing that smiles and hugs are universally understood.”

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Making friends abroad is actually easier than it may seem. And when you volunteer to teach via WorldTeach you’re likely to make more friends than you know how to handle. Imagine you’re a small child in a village that doesn’t receive many foreigners. The foreigners that bend down to your height, look you in the eye, and teach you how to read will likely be your favorite. Let Catherine Celeste Helm take you on a journey via the local language and local love.  — We are all so happy to make new friends. The downside is that, unlike everyone else here, we only speak one language. Most people here speak a minimum of two languages, with working knowledge of a…

“I’m always going to want to do more, but for now this is a start.”

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Volunteering to teach abroad is a wholehearted experience. You can’t give a partial effort and you can’t give only a part of yourself. Volunteers that truly immersive themselves in these experiences via WorldTeach find that it’s REALLY hard to let go of what they can’t control. They give SO much, and in the end, they still have to go home. Take this ride with Britney Jarvis and hold on tight. You might not want to let go! — So the past couple of days here in South Africa have been incredibly emotional days for all of us. We have experienced some extreme highs and extreme lows. On Monday we went back to Masiphumelele in the afternoon and met with the…