South Africa Country Information

South Africa has experienced tremendous change in the past twenty years, with the end of apartheid and the establishment of a new government and new social, economic and political systems for the country. It is seen as a model of reconciliation and development. Although impressive progress has been made at a constitutional level, tremendous challenges remain, including very high levels of unemployment and drug abuse, low levels of skills and confidence in poor communities, rapid urbanization, poverty and the impact of HIV/AIDS. This summer program is designed to help support skills development and instill confidence in young people in this challenging new democracy. WTSA volunteers find their experiences very worthwhile, and many return to the country as visitors and volunteers.

Unique Challenges for South Africa Volunteers

For many South Africa volunteers, this is their first time in Africa. It can be difficult for volunteers to reconcile all of the history they have learned about the country with the experiences they are having. Additionally, volunteers sometimes have trouble adjusting to 'Africa time' and the less structured, less scheduled way of life in South Africa.

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