Poland Country Information

Poland is the largest country in Central Europe, and is situated on the eastern frontier of the newly enlarged European Union. The country lies along the Baltic Sea, with a coastline running some 300 miles. Poland’s shape roughly resembles a square measuring 400-440 miles across.

Poland has a very diverse landscape. Lowlands occupy the larger part of the country, especially in northern and central Poland. The Baltic seacoast features beautiful and large sandy beaches. Located in the northern and eastern parts of the country, the Pomeranian, Masurian and Greater Poland Lake Districts are home to innumerable lakes, and are popular summer holiday destinations for those interested in camping, fishing, swimming, or sailing.

For hikers, the Sudeten and Carpathian Mountains stretch along Poland’s southern border. Trails are well-marked and easily accessible, and hiking and mountaineering are regular pastimes among Polish young people. The Sudeten belong to the oldest massifs in Europe with Mt. Sniezka (1602m) as their tallest peak.

Poland’s rich natural environment also includes many primeval forests and woods, much of which are protected in 23 national parks. A dense system of water courses converge into two major Polish rivers, the Vistula and the Odra.

Unique challenges for Poland Summer Volunteers

Poland Summer volunteers will find that their host families and schools are incredibly welcoming. However, because most of our volunteers do not come to Poland speaking Polish, the language barrier can be quite difficult for some. Most of our volunteers find that with a little bit of patience, a good sense of humor, and a few charades, they are able to communicate quite well with their families and students.  It may also be difficult for some volunteers to be placed at schools far from their co-volunteers because the group grows close after spending the first week together in Orientation. 

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