Teach Abroad In Namibia

WorldTeach volunteers in Namibia teach a variety of subjects in a range of different placements. Volunteers' jobs include teaching English, math, and/or science, at elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country. Most placements are in rural areas, with some in larger towns and cities. Participants gain valuable work experience abroad while forming meaningful relationships with both local Namibians and fellow volunteers. Approaching our twentieth year of partnership with the Namibian Ministry of Education, we are proud to continue serving the Ministry in its efforts towards equitable and quality education for all Namibian students. Read on for more information.

Register today to attend a webinar to listen to WorldTeach Namibia alumni discuss their experiences and learn more about the program. The webinar will be held Wednesday, October 1st at 7 pm EDT. Space is limited, so don't miss out!

WorldTeach Namibia Year Quick Facts:

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