Teach Abroad In The Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands

The Marshall Islands are located in the Pacific Islands. WorldTeach volunteers in the Marshall Islands teach English in both the bustling cities and on the remote atolls across the vast ocean. We are proud of our strong relationship with the Marshallese Ministry of Education that makes the program possible. Join us as we work with the Ministry to encourage English education throughout the country! Read on for more information.

Watch an April 2015 webinar on the Pacific to hear from previous volunteers and field staff, and read Q&A from the event.


WorldTeach Marshall Islands Quick Facts:

  • Departs early July 2016
  • Application deadline: June 16, 2016
  • Program duration: 11 months
  • Volunteer Commitment: This program is funded by the Department of Education of the Marshall Islands. Volunteers submit a $2,000 deposit which is refunded upon successful completion of the program.


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