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As a WorldTeach volunteer, you will witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of education in a developing country. You will share the skills and knowledge gained through your education and life experience with your students, and you will make a lasting difference in their lives, opening their eyes to a world beyond their classrooms.

"Personally, this year has been both challenging and rewarding. I have proven to myself that I am strong and capable of things I did not believe I could do. The friends I have made here, the true connections, are my happiest accomplishment. The conversations I have had with people here have opened my mind wider and hopefully theirs as well." 

-Jennifer Kimak,
Namibia volunteer

You will gain cultural understanding and the ability to work independently in a new and often challenging environment.

You will develop key skills-- including teaching, language, cross-cultural communication, and leadership-- that will be useful in any career path.

Through our training and professional development programs, WorldTeach offers TEFL certification to volunteers participating in most of our programs for an additional charge of $350. Please check individual program profiles to see if the program you are interested in applying to offers TEFL certification. Whether or not you pursue TEFL certification, the teaching commitment in each of our programs is a serious one, and you should expect to work hard-- and learn a lot in return!

WorldTeach requires candidates to choose their country of service and corresponding departure date before applying. Each of our programs varies in their teaching assignments, type of accommodation, and potential placements in urban or rural areas. See a summary of our program offerings to aid in your decision-making process! You can read about the typical life-cycle of a WorldTeach program here.

You can also learn more about our programs by reading our FAQ's.


Programs By Region

   China Hunan Year|Summer
   Nepal  Summer
   Thailand Year 

   Morocco Summer
   Namibia Year|Summer 
   South Africa Summer

Pacific Islands 
   American Samoa Year 
   Marshall Islands Year 
   Micronesia Year

   Poland Summer

Guyana Year

Latin America
Central America 
   Costa Rica Year|Summer
South America 
   Chile Year
   Colombia Year 
   Ecuador Year|Summer 
  Guyana Year


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Interested in enrolling in WorldTeach and Graduate School together? 

WorldTeach and The Middlebury Institute of International Studies offer a Masters in TESOL/WorldTeach program, find out more here.

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