Apply by May 1st to join a fully funded WorldTeach program in the Pacific Islands this July!

Currently seeking applicants for yearlong volunteer English Teacher placements in the Pacific Islands of American Samoa, Marshall Islands, and Micronesia

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"My neighbors became my family, and I became a regular at their table for toanai after church on Sundays. I developed some truly wonderful relationships with my students thanks to being involved with Speech Festival, reading with them thought-provoking novels, making my dream come true of coaching basketball, making a fool of myself at assemblies, planning awesome field trips, understanding their roots and getting interested in their way of life, and most importantly, learning to laugh and love as much as Samoans do. I went on some adventures and experienced some things that other people will never quite understand the depth of. I embraced fa’asamoa (the Samoan way of life) as much as I could and have absolutely no regrets."
-Jessica Ploen, WorldTeach American Samoa '12-'13

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