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Expand your community. Learn from exchange. Serve with us.

At WorldTeach everyone is an idealist working toward one goal: providing the best opportunity for education we can to students worldwide.  Every day, we look for new ways to support the lives and teaching of our volunteers and fellows so they can best serve their schools and communities.  We work together to make a difference.

Our small but mighty team is a group of diverse, talented, and open-minded individuals who all have experience abroad: teaching and working, learning languages, getting lost, finding ourselves in another, and building intercultural relationships with new friends and colleagues.

Headquarters Positions

Our Headquarters are located in vibrant and historic Boston, Massachusetts right in the heart of Back Bay near the Public Garden.  Boston is a multicultural city and a great place to engage with education, service, and policy.  To apply to a WorldTeach USA position please send your resume and one page cover letter to [email protected].

Staff Positions:

Marshall Islands Field Director

Marshall Islands Assistant Field Director



Office of Communications and Recruitment 

University Outreach Intern

Marketing & Publicity Intern

Office of Education 

Education Quality Coordinator

Office of Finance 

Accounting Intern

Office of Programs

Program Assistant

Field Staff Positions

Our staff in our countries of service form the heart and soul of WorldTeach.  Qualities we look for in our field staff include energy, responsibility, leadership, organization, attention to detail, flexibility, strong communication, experience abroad, and professionalism to take our programs by the horns and lead our volunteer teachers.  Each position is for a one year term, with preference for two years and with the possibility of extension depending on review.  To apply to a field staff position please send your resume and one page cover letter to [email protected].

Open Positions:

We have no vacant field staff positions at this time.