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We All Smile in the Same Language

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by Cherryl Cannon, Current WorldTeach Colombia Volunteer It’s been exactly one year since I made the decision to embark on a new journey and decided it was time for me to fulfill my dream to travel and live abroad. However, I didn’t want to just become a tourist. I wanted to embrace another culture, speak a new language, travel to unknown places and make an impact in the city that I would call home for an entire year. So for the past three months, I’ve been fortunate enough to be living and working in Barranquilla, Colombia as a volunteer and English Teacher for WorldTeach. Since my departure, I’ve grown tremendously and have learned so much during my time.  Teaching I…

Island Life is Calling! Join us in the Pacific this summer!

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Join our WorldTeach Pacific program. Depart this summer and teach in American Samoa, The Marshall Islands and Micronesia. Our Pacific programs are fully funded and fill teacher shortages in remote areas of need, apply today! Want more insight into our Pacific programs? Check our our Pacific webinar below, listen to previous volunteers discuss housing and teaching placements, cultural challenges, health and safety, training, living on a stipend, and more.

Teach in our Fully Funded WorldTeach China Program, Application Deadline is May 1st

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The China Hunan program was started in 2003 when WorldTeach was approached by the Hunan Department of Education. The Department of Education wanted to give its students the opportunity to learn English from native speakers. In 2004, our first volunteers taught in public schools throughout Hunan province. In the past nine program years, WorldTeach’s reputation has grown and our volunteers are now among the most sought-after English teachers in the province. Click here to find out more information about WorldTeach China program Learn more about our WorldTeach China program and listen to our recent webinar from April 5th, 2016, hear previous volunteers discuss housing and teaching placements, cultural challenges, health and safety, training, living on a stipend, and more. Ready to get…

WorldTeach Launches New Website!

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Welcome to the new WorldTeach website! Here you’ll find the same quality and community focused teacher volunteer programs we’ve had for 30 years with a fresh, new look. Take a glimpse into our current 11 year long programs and 7 summer programs. How did WorldTeach get started? Find out a bit more about how we’ve evolved and our major milestones. Interested in earning an accredited TEFL certification during your volunteer experience? WorldTeach provides all volunteers with an opportunity to gain your TEFL certification during your time of service. Ready to take the next step and become a WorldTeach volunteer? Begin your journey here   Thank you for your curiosity in WorldTeach and we hope you enjoy our new website and…