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Settling Into Ecuador

Posted by Heather Tang in Ecuador

When traveling and living in a different country,even the smallest of activities can seem like an out-of-this-world experience. Eric Haase, a WorldTeach volunteer in Ecuador, shares some of his new and exciting adventures with us. From the first interactions with his host family and students, as well as his exploration of the city of Cuenca, Eric displays the amazing opportunities that volunteering with WorldTeach can provide.     What is most interesting is the difference in levels between my students’ writing and speaking abilities. They do not, most do not, have a well rounded education it seems. For example, there was one student who scored the lowest of any student that had taken the exam. 19 out of 53. However,…

The Major Milestones of Life

Posted by Heather Tang in Costa Rica

WorldTeach Costa Rica volunteer Leah had a laundry list of things she wanted to see, do, and experience during her summer as a volunteer. Here she recounts how she was able to successfully check them off her list.       I have been very fortunate while I´ve been down here to be able to experience many different traditions and festivities. Once accepted to this program, we filled out a form sharing our preferences on where we wanted to live and some of the things that we wanted to be able to do in our area, or with our families. One of the things that I stated in my form was that I wanted, if possible, to be able to…

The Run

Posted by Heather Tang in Marshall Islands

Traveling abroad to work as a WorldTeach volunteer doesn’t mean giving up your hobbies from back home. Liz, a WorldTeach Marshall Islands volunteer, kept up her New Year’s Resolution of running even far from home, and found some unexpected fun and companionship in the process. Read on for her humorous take on the experience.     For several months I started running on the causeway to keep me sane. I decided to run with the goal of training for a half marathon when I get home. Ironically I just read the post in which my new year’s resolution last year was to start running seriously. Better late than never?   While I’ve never enjoyed running per se, I savor the…

A Simpler Style in Costa Rica

Posted by Heather Tang in Costa Rica

Spending a summer volunteering with WorldTeach can offer you possibilities you never thought imaginable. Kami, a summer WorldTeach Costa Rica volunteer, recounts how an experience during her summer in Costa Rica allowed her to see a simpler side of life.       I met a family that prefers a life that existed 30 years ago. They built a wooden house by the river in order to live simply. Granted, 30 years ago is not that long ago, but the way they live seemed like the pioneer days.   The day before I met this tico couple, I had been chatting with my yoga instructor. She was telling me how the people’s lives have changed so rapidly. She explained, “Kami,…

Helping Students Soar

Posted by Heather Tang in Guyana

Erin, a WorldTeach Guyana volunteer, reflects back on her first term as a teacher. She takes a look at the highs and lows in her personal and academic lives and realizes that the best part of being a teacher is watching her students succeed.       As the weeks have progressed, my experience got better and better. I began getting to know the kids and began to learn about their lives outside of the school compound. While giving a quiz to one of my 10th grade classes early in the term I told them to turn over their paper and write me a note, story, or ask me a question when they’d finished. I promised to respond. One boy,…

Teaching the Teacher in Poland

Posted by Heather Tang in Poland

During your time as a WorldTeach volunteer, you may find you are learning more than you’re teaching. Every day in the classroom offers a learning experience not only for your students, but for you as well. Cindy, a WorldTeach Poland volunteer, recounts how she came to see this paradox.       If you want to really learn something, try explaining it to someone else! I’m convinced the teachers are the ones who learn the most in the classroom. It’s gotta be true for me.   Last week was the most challenging as far as classroom management goes. I discovered quickly that the group is older than my previous groups — some just graduated from Primary School so consider themselves…

WorldTeach Chile Radio

Posted by Heather Tang in Chile

Eva, a WorldTeach Chile volunteer who just finished her 9-month service this week, created an NPR-like radio show with her extra-curricular students at her elementary school with the help of her father, who has a radio station in Tennessee. He is going to air the show publicly on their local station and we were given the opportunity to air it here for you. Take a listen!       Read more about Chile See all WorldTeach Blog posts

Jazz Chants in the Classroom

Posted by Heather Tang in Thailand

Teaching rarely looks the same from one classroom to the next. Some teachers lecture, some discuss, some dig in to activities with their students and others take a different approach based on their own interests. Noam, a WorldTeach Thailand volunteer, explains how he uses the rhythms found in Jazz Chants to teach his students English.   One of my favorite ways to help kids acquire vocabulary and a sense of the rhythms of the English language is with songs and Jazz Chants.   Jazz Chants were first created and named by teacher and pianist Carolyn Graham in the 60s. She started published her Jazz Chant books in the 70s and is still out on the road teaching others how to…

There is Always Room

Posted by Heather Tang in Thailand

During her WorldTeach experience, Caitlyn realized that family takes on a whole new meaning in Thailand.   One of the best things about living in teacher housing for the past year has been living in such an inclusive community. I live in a two-family house and our neighbors are Pi Khom, Pi Prayat and their adorable but mischievous daughter, Katjang.     After moving to Pla Pak last year, I quickly realized that family structures in Thailand are a bit different than what I’m used to in the States. Neighbors seem to be family by default, as everyone takes part in caring for each others’ children. Katjang loves to run up and down the street on our “block” and all…

Hospitality When You Least Expect It

Posted by Heather Tang in Marshall Islands

Sara, a Marshall Islands WorldTeach volunteer, reflects on the hospitality of her new neighbors and community.     I don’t think I have written much about how hospitable people here are. Today I was reminded of that during my run.   I was running the causeway, which at some parts is literally a dirt road in the ocean and at parts closer to the islands it gets wider to include little beaches and trees. As I was on my way back to Guegeegue I noticed some young boys off to the ocean side of the road. They seemed to be playing on the rocks near the shore. As I ran past them they motioned to me, so I stopped running…