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Spear Fishing in American Samoa

Posted by Heather Tang in American Samoa

WorldTeach volunteers get the opportunity to try many new activities in their host communities. In American Samoa, WorldTeach volunteer Matt Hoffman has spent some of his free time outside of teaching learning how to spear fish. Read on to hear about one of Matt’s experiences going spear fishing with fellow community members…       My life on Ta’u is split into two parts – school and home. The divide is geographic; we have to walk up half a mountain to go to school, whereas home is just off the beach. At school, I usually wear an aloha shirt and ie faitaga (so, a manskirt). At home I wear, at most, shorts. That’s really not too different from the states….

Carnival Festivities at a Colombian School

Posted by Heather Tang in Colombia

Living abroad with WorldTeach, volunteers have many chances to participate in new cultural traditions. Sometimes these celebrations happen at school and WorldTeach volunteers learn to be flexible and open to new experiences. In Colombia, WorldTeach volunteer Jena Ladenburg recently had the chance to take part in Carnival festivities at her school. Read on to hear about her experience and to see how she adapted quickly to the changes in her schedule brought about by the celebrations…     Okay, so I was going to update you all on what I’ve been doing the past few weeks, and maybe I still will. The beach, corner tiendas, salsa dancing, and trying to figure out this whole teaching thing have been adventures in…

First Impressions of Namibia

Posted by Heather Tang in Namibia

In the past couple weeks, new WorldTeach volunteers in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Namibia finished up their orientation and headed out to their placements to begin teaching. The first weeks in a new country are always filled with exciting observations and intense emotions. Read on to hear about the first impressions of Brian Park who is a new WorldTeach volunteer in Namibia…     How do I even begin to explain how the past ten days have been? Since stepping out from the airplane onto the land that will, for all intents and purposes, be my home for the next eleven months, every day has been a flurry of learning about Namibian geography, culture, people, and of course, how to…

Why Go To American Samoa?

Posted by Heather Tang in American Samoa

With 22 programs in 16 countries to choose from, it can be challenging for WorldTeach applicants to decide which program to apply to. Alexandra Savinkina chose American Samoa for a variety of reasons and her arrival at her site gave her a serendipitous surprise that solidified her belief that she made the best choice. Read on to learn about why Alexandra chose American Samoa and to hear about what she discovered when she moved to her site…   I have been asked that question probably a million times, and I’m going to be honest: there is no Reason. Oh, there were a million reasons why I chose AmSam: I wanted to go abroad for at least a year (but the…

Reflections from an Alumnus

Posted by Heather Tang in Namibia

Wes Weston was a volunteer with WorldTeach in Namibia in 2010. He spent a year living and working in a rural village called Omungwelume where he taught English and math. Here he recounts the path he took leading up to his service with WorldTeach and about where that path has led him to now…     I truly believe that one of life’s greatest gifts is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Yet sometimes I have difficulty articulating exactly what it is that I do. Just over ten years ago, I graduated from university and still, to this day, balk at the very notion of considering myself as having a career. Like many college graduates nowadays, I…

Learning and Loving in Ecuador

Posted by Heather Tang in Ecuador

Brianna has been a WorldTeach Ecuador volunteer since September 2013. As her service progresses, Brianna finds herself learning from Ecuador and falling in love with the place and people. Read on to hear about her reflections from four months into her service.     The past few months living in Ecuador have taught me so much. I have had the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. I have spent a considerable amount of time alone, sometimes by choice and sometimes because there was simply no one to pass the time with. I have been afraid, and through facing my fears have become certain.   This is the life I want. I want to travel. I want to see…

Chinese Food Adventures

Posted by Heather Tang in China

Living abroad through a WorldTeach program comes with the opportunity to experience new cultures and, of course, try new food! Madeleine Reeve is a WorldTeach China volunteer who has enjoyed exploring new culinary options in her new home. Read on to learn about Madeleine’s experience trying new food in China!   So I know this is probably a topic everyone wants to hear about. Yes, the food here is pretty good. But like everywhere else, it depends where you go. It doesn’t always depend on what you pay, though. Food here is generally very cheap. If I spend 100 kuai on a meal ($16) it better be amazing, and it’s probably Western food. A decent meal out you’ll drop 10-30…

A Fond Farewell Party

Posted by WTTech in Namibia

Emily Leazer’s WorldTeach year in Namibia ended with an uplifting goodbye party where Emily’s school showed their gratitude for her service. The farewell party was a great ending to Emily’s yearlong adventure in Namibia. Read on to hear about Emily’s farewells at the end of her WorldTeach service in Namibia…     Today was one of the best days of my life. It’s been almost a year exactly since my surprise farewell party back home as I prepared to leave for Namibia. I can still remember the emotions I felt that day after I got home from the party; how excited, blessed and grateful I was for the wonderful friends and family that love me and the incredible journey that…

An American Samoan Thanksgiving

Posted by Heather Tang in American Samoa

Jackie Rakers is a WorldTeach volunteer in American Samoa where she recently spent Thanksgiving. Read on to learn about the experience of celebrating the American tradition of Thanksgiving in American Samoa and to see what Jackie is thankful for this holiday season…   Thanksgiving in American Samoa was just like Thanksgiving in Chicago, except with a tropical flare, more beaches and less snow, and a different family. While I without a doubt missed spending the holiday with my real family, my island-mates are pretty much the best ‘family’ I could ask for. Sasha and I spent a few hours doing craft projects on Wednesday which resulted in hand turkey napkin rings/place cards, an island themed center piece, a ‘Thankful Coconut’,…

Carrying Colombia Back with You

Posted by Heather Tang in Colombia

Annie Forman is in her last week in Colombia. Although she is excited to go home, she will miss Colombia and hopes to carry Colombia with her when she returns to the U.S. Read on to learn about her thoughts as she wraps up her service and the 50 ways she measures her WorldTeach year…   I’m not sure how this happened, but December is here and by this time next week I’ll be in the USA! This is a fun little fact about Colombian Spanish: when you ask someone how long they have been in a place, you literally ask them how much time they carry in the place (Cuánto tiempo llevas acá?). I love that because I do…