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A True WorldTeach Family

Posted by WTTech in Ecuador

Debbie volunteered with WorldTeach in Ecuador more than 20 years ago. During her time in the country, she fell in love with one of her adult students; they now have three children and recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.     Dear WorldTeach, I was a volunteer in Ecuador in 1992. I started out teaching English at a refinery in the town of Esmeraldas. I weathered strikes, crime, and illness, including malaria and dengue fever. When the year was over, it was hardly the experience I had hoped for.   So, I stayed on for another year, moving around from Quito to Guayaquil. Toward the end of my second year, I subbed for an ex-pat friend teaching two English classes…

Living a Literary Dream: Becoming a Small Town School Teacher

Posted by WTTech in Poland

I write from Makow on a beautiful midsummer evening, perched on a chair in front of my host sister’s desk while she watches Polish crime shows. This is no little house on the prairie (rather, it is a good sized modish one filled with a charming combination of Catholic relics and Egyptian hieroglyphics) and yet, I feel more like my childhood hero, Laura Ingalls Wilder, than ever before. Let me explain. Last week ended with a series of lessons about how to teach English as a second language, a group pierogi making session, and a farewell dinner with free-flowing wine and bountiful meat. The pierogi making session was perhaps the most memorable of these events…mostly because it involved a red-cheeked Polish cook watching me…

The Summer of a Lifetime

Posted by WTTech in Ecuador

After her experience with WorldTeach Ecuador Summer in 2014, Katey found another opportunity to volunteer in Ecuador.   When I decided to apply for WorldTeach, it was on a whim. I didn’t know if I’d actually be able to go, how my family and friends would react, or what the experience would be like. But I committed. I went. I ventured out into the wild blue yonder and here I am, six months later,with the knowledge that my life has been forever changed.     I won’t get into the long story of how I ended up in Ecuador (of all places…who has ever even heard anything about Ecuador?), but I will say that I am infinitely grateful I wound…

The Learning Lab Project

Posted by WTTech in Tanzania

WorldTeach volunteer Chelsea is getting creative while finding ways to engage her students.   I’m not going to lie, teaching with no resources is a challenge. I have to constantly be on my toes thinking of ways to make a class interesting and understandable with very little to work with. However, learning a foreign language with no resources is 100X more daunting. How can my kids learn without dictionaries or textbooks? How can they become interested in such a difficult language with no fun, interesting stories to read? While I’m here I am a resource, of sorts, for my students but I am only here for a few more months and come on, I’m not THAT interesting.   I never…

Stand by Me in China

Posted by WTTech in China

WorldTeach volunteer Ben tells recounts a Chinese adventure reminiscent of a classic American movie.   In my school it is said there is a mountain nearby you can climb. In fact, some teachers climb it every night, taking flashlights for the early winter nights. However, I had yet to climb it until today. Probably.   It was a clear, sunny day in Dayao town when I took off to find the mountain for myself. I had no guide, just a vague sense of “go that way.” It had recently been a bit chilly so I opted to wear both a light hoodie and a light jacket. I tucked my scarf into my jacket pocket – just in case it was…

Don’t Mind the Sheep in the Bathroom

Posted by WTTech in Namibia

If eighteen months ago you had asked me where I would like to travel in the world, I never would have named Namibia in the list of countries. That changed when my daughter Elizabeth announced that she would be spending a year there to teach English.   Elizabeth volunteered with the international programWorldTeach, which placed her in the village of Omatjete (pronounced OMA-she-tay) to teach fifth through seventh graders for most of 2014. My wife Susan and I of course found time to visit, making the visit this past July. *2,500 miles of scenic touring later, we have a National Geographic-like set of safari photos, some incredibly beautiful memories, and a daughter who fell in love with her students and…

New Opportunities

Posted by WTTech in Namibia

WorldTeach alumna Kristin continues to support learners in Namibia long after her return home to the United States. Walalapo, friends! Remember that time that I lived in Namibia for a year? Well, I may not be in the village anymore (though my table manners would make you think otherwise), but I still have some news from Omege for you! Way back when in October 2013, I started a fundraiser to provide school uniform shoes to all of the learners at my school that could not afford them. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family, and acquaintances, as I received more than enough funds to cover the 60+ pairs of shoes that were purchased and distributed. After all of…

A Day in the Life of a Nepal Summer Volunteer

Posted by WTTech in Nepal

  I start off my morning waking up begrudgingly as I never seem to get enough sleep, however the Nepalese appear to need far less sleep than Americans do.  I wear ear plugs to keep out the sounds of the mosquitoes buzzing around my mosquito net and the ruthless barking and whining of a rather large German Shepherd, who looks at me like I could be his next meal.  His name is Laika. After waking up, I collect my towel, wash rag, change of clothes for the day and sleepily walk to the bathroom, which is upstairs and I take a cold shower that, in hindsight, actually gives me no choice but to wake up, which is fine with me….


Posted by WTTech in Morocco

WorldTeach is now accepting applications for 2015 summer programs. Here, summer alum Nikhil reflects on the end of his experience as a volunteer teacher in Morocco.    At the end of last week, I stated that there would definitely be some moments that I would miss from this internship experience, and this week cemented that belief.  This week brought with it two moments of anticipation, the first being a party that us volunteers wanted to throw for a some of our students on Wednesday night.  The second was successfully completing our teaching stint at the Sidi Moumen Cultural Centre.   As for the event that we decided to throw, we figured that it should some traditional American games that would…

Grade 7 Greatness

Posted by WTTech in South Africa

WorldTeach summer volunteer Britney shares some of her experience in South Africa.   Last week was the start of the holiday break around here, which means we all started working. A few of the volunteers, myself included, are working at a place called the Pink House in Masiphumelele. We are working with Grade 7 students and creating workshops to help with reading and writing (especially in English) and increasing self-esteem. We have been doing different activities to have them focus on what they like about themselves and focusing on how wonderful and different they all are. We are encouraging them to create these things in English and in Xhosa and we have had the kids even help us create some…