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A Taste of Cartagena… ¡Que Sabrosa!

Posted by WTTech in Colombia

WorldTeach volunteer Rebecca gives us a taste of Colombian cooking. The first topic that I’ve been wanting to post about is all the food here. I came here expecting that I wouldn’t like the food and that maybe I’d even lose some weight….boy was I wrong. Cartagena knows how to eat well! There are foods here that I wouldn’t imagine I would enjoy and foods here that I wouldn’t even imagine existed. I am going to attempt to post about some of the delicious foods that I’ve tried here in all of their cultural uniqueness. First up: Arepa de Huevo. A wonderfully fried arepa (a corn based..something…) with an egg inside. Put some sauces on it and its even more…

Micheladas y Parrilladas

Posted by WTTech in Ecuador

One of our Ecuador volunteers recounts the mid-service conference, which allows volunteers to reflect on living and teaching in Ecuador thus far and to travel. “You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.” – Azar Nafi As I’m nearing the end of my service in Ecuador, I wish I could freeze time! It will be hard to leave Ecuador. Lindo Mindo The Riobamba crew was the first to arrive in Quito. Rose, Emily and I headed to Republica del Cacao to get our hot chocolate fix. We…

‘Mahlia goe’ from Kapinga Village

Posted by WTTech in Micronesia

WorldTeach Micronesia volunteer Laura Tracy describes a traditional Kapingese celebration:   Kapingamarangi; an outer atoll of Pohnpei located about 740km south of the island, population less than 500, Polynesian heritage   Kapinga (Pohnrakiet) Village; a small village on Pohnpei where many immigrants from Kapingamarangi atoll live while on island, also shared with the people from Nukuoro atoll   March 15th; a day of celebration similar to Thanksgiving in the Kapingamarangi culture   “Mahlia goe” (MAH-lee-ah-koi); greeting in the Kapingamarangi language   A few weeks ago, I had the joy of experiencing a very unique cultural celebration here on Pohnpei. I have many students that are from islands other than Pohnpei, coming from places like Palau, Chuuk, Kosrae, and even smaller islands…

An Open Letter to Potential WorldTeach Summer Program Volunteers

Posted by WTTech in Namibia

WorldTeach summer alum, Gary Aitken shares some wisdom about teaching and living in a summer program. I am a 65 year old guy who spent the summer of 2014 in Namibia in the WorldTeach summer   program. It is one of the best things I ever did. I am writing this to   convince you to brave the unknown, overcome your fears, and go ahead and   Some compelling reasons:   1. It is one of the few things you will genuinely regret not doing when you are   lying on your death bed. I mean that literally, and seriously. Think about that   as you go to sleep tonight. What truly better way do you have to spend your…

Yep, That’s a Big One: Updates from American Samoa

Posted by WTTech in American Samoa

WorldTeach American Samoa volunteer Bryan updates us about adventures and competitions on the islands. This weekend Colin and I decided to do some hiking behind our house, past To’o, and last beach. The goal was to get Colin to the cliffs of the Northern coast where you can look West just about all the way to Fitiuta on the other side of the island. As we made our way through the jungle, a relatively flat area that is easy to walk, Colin started pointing out all of the pig tracks. I was acting casual like it was no big deal, but through the half a dozen or so times I had been out there I had seen very few. Then…

A Blog about Prague

Posted by WTTech in Poland

WorldTeach Poland Summer alum Kate recounts a trip to a city she’d been longing to visit for years.  The longing began years ago in a now-ex-then-current-boyfriend’s living room. We sat cross-legged on the carpet, pouring over old photo albums and exclaiming over toddler smiles. Suddenly, the pages of one volume turned lush, ornate, mysteriously decked with stone and rich paints next to twilight water. “Where were these taken?” I asked my beau. “Prague. My parents took a vacation there about ten years ago.” Entranced by those glossy, candied prints, a capricious decision was made: I would make it to the The City of a Hundred Spires. Six years later, curled in a sticky overnight train compartment, I did. — Last Wednesday, Annie and I arrived back…

Noticias de Riobamba

Posted by WTTech in Ecuador

WorldTeach Ecuador volunteer Emily Mueller on teaching English as a foreign language, a new host family, and emborrajados: One of the beautiful things about travelling and temporarily living in another country is the opportunity to meet new people on such a regular basis. I feel I’m asked all the time, How long have you been here?, and… How much longer do you have here?. The numbers continue to increase for the first question and decrease for the second. Right now I’m at 7 and 5. It’s getting really surreal that this experience is more than half way over, and that my time here will soon be coming to an end. A lot has been happening and changing in my life here since my last…

Honors and Accreditation in American Samoa

Posted by WTTech in American Samoa

WorldTeach volunteer Bryan Williams talks character, leadership, and biting off more than you can chew.  On March 5th we completed our National Honor Society induction ceremony. We had 5 members, inducted 7 new ones, and at 12 members this is one of the biggest NHS groups the school has ever had. Hopefully all of them will be able to remain in NHS, but sadly I do not think that will be the case. NHS is founded on 4 core values of Leadership, Character, Service, and Scholarship, but my older students seem to ignore, or have not yet been held accountable for, everything except scholarship. Trying to teach character and leadership in a school that is not competitive and does not…

Death at a Funeral, and Lots of Women Dancing

Posted by WTTech in Micronesia

WorldTeach volunteer Laura has only a few months left on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia. Kaselehlie, I can’t begin to fathom that I have less than three months left here on Pohnpei. This year has turned out to be one of the calmest moments of my life, filled with many moments of thinking and just being. It is commonly said that Pohnpeians are “expert sitters”, as life here can often be slow, calm, and at times all you can do is just sit and take it all in (and at many times there’s honestly nothing else to do). If anything, this place has taught me to just relax, which can be expected from living on an island for a year….

A True WorldTeach Family

Posted by WTTech in Ecuador

Debbie volunteered with WorldTeach in Ecuador more than 20 years ago. During her time in the country, she fell in love with one of her adult students; they now have three children and recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.     Dear WorldTeach, I was a volunteer in Ecuador in 1992. I started out teaching English at a refinery in the town of Esmeraldas. I weathered strikes, crime, and illness, including malaria and dengue fever. When the year was over, it was hardly the experience I had hoped for.   So, I stayed on for another year, moving around from Quito to Guayaquil. Toward the end of my second year, I subbed for an ex-pat friend teaching two English classes…