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Island Life is Calling! Join us in the Pacific this summer!

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Join our WorldTeach Pacific program. Depart this summer and teach in American Samoa, The Marshall Islands and Micronesia. Our Pacific programs are fully funded and fill teacher shortages in remote areas of need, apply today! Want more insight into our Pacific programs? Check our our Pacific webinar below, listen to previous volunteers discuss housing and teaching placements, cultural challenges, health and safety, training, living on a stipend, and more.

“Slower, please…”

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When her year-long adventure in the Marshall Islands drew to a close, WorldTeach volunteer, Sarah Lipson, reflected on the year behind her, the departure ahead of her, and the difficulty of leaving a new-found home. —  “All I ever needed, wanted or sought after existed within a ten-mile radius of my childhood home (from basic needs to entertainment to education) and as such, I never knew the reality of life without love unconditional, support unending. Visible, audible, tangible, intangible love and support. When I moved to Rita Village in Majuro, one of the most densely populated areas in the Pacific, I was, incongruously trite as it may seem, alone. My happiness, my sadness, my bewilderment, my disorientation were mine alone…

Why WorldTeach matters and a chance encounter….

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Frizz and Nolan at American University Hello WorldTeach supporters, normally our weekly blog is reserved for insight from our volunteers and their unique experiences from their communities around the world. The content on this blog has been accumulated over 6 years with more than 450 blog posts from the tropical rain forests of Ecuador to the deserts of Namibia. The pleasure I get from reading about our volunteers keeps me connected to them even from my office in Boston. This week, however, we’re taking a step back from the norm so I can share a little story with you from the Fall 2015 WorldTeach recruiting scene. I’m Nolan, our Director of Communications, and I oversee all of our advertising, partnerships,…

7 Questions with Chris Hayden ’14-15 Marshall Islands

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(Chris Hayden’s original song, Steady) Remember that post about how talented WorldTeach volunteers? Well, we have another alumni to feature today–Chris Hayden, Marshall Islands 2014-2015. 7 QUESTIONS WITH CHRIS HAYDEN 1) Before we start, I just want to ask if photography is a hobby/profession of yours. I know you as sojourn. studios on instagram, aka the guy who posts beautiful instagram pictures. I love looking at them on the WorldTeach feed and I just want to know more about your work! C: Photography started off as a hobby. I went to school for architecture, and at the time my brother had a nice camera and I would borrow it for architectural stuff. From that, I met with photography-enthusiasts, who introduced…

Disappearing Islands

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by: Shierly Mondianti “It’s disturbingly easy to write off a country you’ve never seen.” A month ago, we shared on Facebook a CNN article regarding the effects of climate change on the Marshall Islands. At WorldTeach we send hundreds of volunteers to the Pacific Islands. Many of our alums started the program with little to no knowledge of the pacific islands, but they left with invaluable memories of their daily interaction with the local community. The telltale signs of a disappearing island is obvious. One of our WT alums shared this with us: “I spent a year on Majuro with WT and lived with a family at Laura Beach. During that year we lost nearly 3 feet of beach to high (King)…

Word from a WorldTeach Marshall Islands Volunteer

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This week on The Traveler Series meet Elayna Tekle, a travel-enthusiast who spent a year abroad teaching English in the Marshall Islands as part of a World Teach volunteer program. Here I interview Elayna on what inspired her to volunteer abroad, how she adapted to Marshallese culture and her best travel advice. What inspires you to travel?  Curiosity about the world, adventure, a want to understand different cultures. My dad didn’t grow up in the US so a big part of me has always been interested in different ways of living. It’s important to see other perspectives in the world.  If you see other cultures first hand, humans are more likely to be understanding in times of conflict. What is your favorite destination you’ve been to so…

An International Interview: A Brit in the Marshall Islands

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Meet Gareth Williams. Gareth joined WorldTeach Marshall Islands in July 2013, and is now completing his year of service, before hopping over to Micronesia to continue a second year teaching with WorldTeach. GoOverseas, an online source of program reviews for those seeking and researching meaningful travel abroad, interviewed Gareth about his time with WorldTeach in the Marshall Islands. Read the interview below, and check out our alumni reviews at GoOverseas.    Why did you decide to teach with Worldteach in the Marshall Islands? There were a few factors that really weighed heavily on choosing Worldteach and the RMI. I had wanted to get back into Teaching English as a Foreign Language for a long time since doing my post-grad in Education. I…

The Ghost Ship

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 WorldTeach volunteer Chuck McKeever provides insight to his North Pacific experience in his recent blog post from the Marshall Islands.     During our program orientation in July, a group of us swam just about every day in the Ajeltake lagoon, a short walk from the elementary school we were staying in, across the street and down a path at the house of a very nice local family. It was a great place to bust out our snorkel equipment and explore the reef communities underfoot–the lagoon was teeming with graceful angelfish, shy eels, those neon-colored fish that sell for 5 cents at pet stores, zebra-striped wrasse, and myriad other kinds that I know no names for. We would wade out…

Change through daNCe

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Inspiration. It’s one of the most important qualities one can gain from volunteering abroad. Emily Ellis-Liang, a former Marshall Islands volunteer, was certainly bitten by this inspiration bug after her service in 2007. Emily has since taken her love for dance, charitable work as well as the Marshall Islands to create a charity of her own known as the rePUBLIC of daNCe.     The rePUBLIC of daNCe’s mission is two-fold; it fuses Emily’s passions of dance as well as giving back to the community:   “The mission of the rePUBLIC of daNCe is to educate young dancers with a comprehensive career-based artistic program that fosters excellence in technical performance and production, while creating a greater awareness of their world…

“…this country is a big family that has adopted me.”

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WorldTeach volunteer Justin Behravesh recently returned to the United States from his year long volunteer experience in the Marshall Islands. In his final blog post, Justin shows us just how close volunteers can grow to the communities and people of the nations that they serve in. Take a look at Justin’s blog post and see how he spent his last days on the Marshall Islands – and more importantly, how his journey has changed him as a person.     This will be my last blog entry.   The capital island of Majuro, for all of its pollution, traffic, and its expensive nature, has some charm to it. When I found myself missing Jabor and my host family this past…