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Sights without Sounds

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Written by Cari Deschak, RMI ’15 One innocuous half-wall of a Washington DC gallery holds a ringed twist of scrap metal. That description could include many art pieces at their most elemental, especially here along the cutting edge of modern artistic license, but this one must have been magnetic. It shot me a pulse of unexpected familiarity. My sister appraised me as I stood in the gallery’s center jabbing my finger at it, words having yet to escape my open mouth. “That’s it!” I finally managed, exclamation point voiced by re-throwing my fully-outstretched arm. “What’s it?” “I mean I’ve tried to describe … I can’t believe it’s perfect the … can’t be an accident, that’s it!” I was awarded a…

The Importance of Choice

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The Importance of Choice by Christian Colo (RMI ’16) It’s another Monday morning as I wake up to the sound of lagoon waves lapping against the shore mere feet from my house. I look out my doorway towards the cookhouse and see smoke rising: breakfast time. Mama is hard at work as she flips hot pancakes off the coconut husk fire that she has been tending all morning. She already has a steaming stack waiting for me with a boiled fish caught just the night before. Within a few minutes, I am walking past breadfruit, banana, and coconut trees as I make my daily commute along the dirt path that leads to the school. As I unlock the door and…

A Love Story to the RMI

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A Love Song to the RMI I hum softly as you drift off in my arms. I watch as Mary breaks off from her twittering friends and wanders through the party in our direction. She doesn’t bother to make eye contact when she speaks; we gaze off at the same middle-distance, unmindful of the festivities. That is your baby? No. Whose baby? He is Likto’s baby. There is a pause in the conversation while Mary mulls over this apparently new information and I wonder how anything is ever news on this little island. You gurgle softly. Your mother is Wijlang? Yes. Likto mother is Wijlang. Yes. Likto is your sister. That is your baby. The tone of finality in Mary’s…

Breaking Stereotypes

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Submitted by WorldTeach Volunteer Teacher, Lauren Hostovsky Albert’s Story  As some of you might already know, two-thirds of the people in the Marshall Islands live on less than $1 a day. Job opportunities in Ebeye are limited due to overpopulation on this tiny island. This has made it more difficult for people with disabilities to get a job, however Albert is breaking the stereotype. It’s been two months already since he got a part time job at Triple J (supermarket) in Ebeye. As far as I know, he is the first Deaf man to have a job in Ebeye. Albert has shown everyone that being deaf doesn’t stop him from working and making a living. I would like to give…

What Had I Gotten Myself Into?

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By WorldTeach Marshall Islands volunteer Smitty McGowan, 2015 The tiny boat rocked up and down the gargantuan waves, tossed around like a child playing with toys. While the boat seemed to be no match for the ocean, it appeared that we had formed some kind of a symbiotic relationship. Poseidon allowed us to live as long as we filled that void of space. If we did our job and did not disturb him too much, our boat continued to rise up to the peaks and race back down to the valleys. An unstable relationship, the simplest mistake could send us toppling. What had I gotten myself into? There I was, sitting on the bow of the boat. My spirits were…

The Friendliest People in the Pacific

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This week’s blog post is a throwback to 2009 when Marci McPhee was a volunteer in the Marshall Islands. Marci volunteered while on a leave of absence from Brandeis University. “When you live on a small island that is sometimes no wider than the road you are walking on, and at high tide only inches above sea level, your only two choices are to change the way you think and live, or go home.” – Jack Niedenthal, For the Good of Mankind: A History of the People of Bikini and their Islands, xi. (Bikini is one of the Marshall Islands) It took me awhile to realize that the children were calling to me when they chanted “ribelle, ribelle!” (“white person” in…


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This post is an excerpt from Claire Svoboda’s blog, a WorldTeach Marshall Islands 2015-2016 volunteer. See below for the link to more of her blog posts. I have realized lately that I need time to myself for reflection, meditation, and re-finding my purpose of why I am where I am. It’s easy to get lost in all of this madness of being in a different place with varying scales of positivity, focus, and meaning. Some days I feel so heavy with negativity and try to remember why I am here on this island in the middle of the Pacific. I read the other day that: “There would seem to be nothing more obvious, more tangible and palpable than the present…

Rikaki in Majol: Teaching in the RMI

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By Taylor Lascko, WorldTeach Marshall Islands 2015-2016 This past year, I had the privilege to live in the Marshall Islands. When someone thinks of living on a tropical island, they probably think of living in paradise. Some place with soft, sandy beaches, a beautiful blue ocean, coconut trees, and no worries. Is this what I expected when I signed up to live and teach in the RMI? Well, not quite. I knew that I would be living in a beautiful place filled with kind souls and a rich culture, but I also knew that there would be hardships and struggles, but that is all part of the experience. My fiancé, Lance, and I were assigned to work at Kwajalein Atoll…

Island Life is Calling! Join us in the Pacific this summer!

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Join our WorldTeach Pacific program. Depart this summer and teach in American Samoa, The Marshall Islands and Micronesia. Our Pacific programs are fully funded and fill teacher shortages in remote areas of need, apply today! Want more insight into our Pacific programs? Check our our Pacific webinar below, listen to previous volunteers discuss housing and teaching placements, cultural challenges, health and safety, training, living on a stipend, and more.

“Slower, please…”

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When her year-long adventure in the Marshall Islands drew to a close, WorldTeach volunteer, Sarah Lipson, reflected on the year behind her, the departure ahead of her, and the difficulty of leaving a new-found home. —  “All I ever needed, wanted or sought after existed within a ten-mile radius of my childhood home (from basic needs to entertainment to education) and as such, I never knew the reality of life without love unconditional, support unending. Visible, audible, tangible, intangible love and support. When I moved to Rita Village in Majuro, one of the most densely populated areas in the Pacific, I was, incongruously trite as it may seem, alone. My happiness, my sadness, my bewilderment, my disorientation were mine alone…