My Year in Perpetual Motion

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By WorldTeach Bangladesh volunteer Quidsia Ishaq, 2016 From the moment I arrived in Chittagong, Bangladesh to the time I was leaving a year later, I felt as though my life was in perpetual motion. From the overwhelmingly crowded and busy streets of the city to life as a WorldTeach volunteer at the Asian University for Women, nothing was static. I arrived at AUW thinking I was going to be a Public Health Teaching Assistant and part time English TA; however, on arrival I discovered that AUW required the WorldTeach Volunteers to work on their pilot project, Pathways for Promise, which required teaching English full-time to young women who had mostly not been in school for a while as they had been…

Pathways for Promise

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Pathways for Promise: Empowering Young Women and Rediscovering my Purpose in Bangladesh By WorldTeach Bangladesh volunteer Mark Flanigan, 2016-2017 Before coming to Bangladesh as a WorldTeach volunteer, I had never spent much time in South Asia. While I had experienced brief trips to Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, they were more as a short-term traveller, ensconced in the comfortable scheduling of an observer passing through other peoples’ realities. I was actually much more familiar with the history and culture of East Asia, having lived twice in Japan. I had spent a number of years there in each case, and greatly enjoyed living in Nagasaki and then later in Tokyo. While I was quite comfortable in my role as a cultural…

Pohela Boishakh – Bengali New Year

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Check out this blog from WorldTeach Bangladesh volunteer, Katarina O’Regan, as she recounts her experiences celebrating Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year! From working in the Writing Center or the Career Development Center to visiting an orphanage in Chittagong, Katarina’s WorldTeach year was filled with many adventures and experiences! Interested in learning more about our WorldTeach Bangladesh program? Click here for more information: — Happy belated New Year! Were I only referring to the Gregorian calendar, I wouldn’t have missed a beat and feel so remiss in updates. But I’m actually talking about bangla new year (Pohela Boishakh), which we celebrated this past Monday. It’s year 1421 according to that system, but however you measure it, I’ve been pretty busy this season!…